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Rebranding Announcement: Playgrnd Ventures
By Playgrnd | 15/10/2022

Hello World!

We’re thrilled to deliver you the new brand identity. As the cryptocurrency industry evolves, we are adapting with new trends and unveiling our new name as Playgrnd Ventures. 

Why the sudden change? 

AstroV has been the trustworthy partner for the growth of several NFT gaming projects since 2021. While providing significant assistance in branding strategy, marketing approach and networking, something was still missing. We felt that the name “AstroV” didn’t  fully reflect our mission and vision for the industry. Although we can carry on with the dear identity that endorses the success of multiple projects namely Coin98, Ancient8, Pegaxy… we decided to shrug off the old shell and welcome a new era to keep pouring our hearts and souls into and creating value for the blockchain world. While this is a significant change, our core beliefs remain the same as they did at  the start.

With the second season of Gamefi around the corner, we believe that this new fund branding (which more accurately depicts who we are), aligns with the upcoming industry changes we are predicting. 

So, What’s Next? 

We are already out preparing for big moves! Investing in a project means understanding the people behind it, their motivations and working to assist them in bringing the best version of themselves for their team. 

The Playgrnd team also had a great adventure at NFT NYC where we met many new faces and showed our commitment to sustainable growth. We are extremely excited to see some of the new industry innovations, insane tools being built and most importantly working with incredible founders to produce world class products.

Playgrnd Ventures might be a new name, but our core values remain the same. If you’re an ambitious founder, we are ready to support you.