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A space for innovative solutions to discover their actual potential.

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Why Playgrnd Ventures?

Playgrnd Ventures is a trailblazing venture fund dedicated to gaming in the blockchain sectorW.

Playgrnd Ventures actively strives to remain a venture fund renowned for providing immense value to the projects it works alongside, with broad financial investment capability, seasoned experience in the traditional gaming space, and extensive communication lines to other industry leaders and experts.


We serve as a bridge between possible gaming concepts and their implementation, sharing an enthusiasm for long-term dedication to blockchain games and technology.


Growing from 0 to 1 could be challenging. Interestingly, we are here to walk alongside you through thick and thin.


We will collaborate with you to plan your next business steps in order to achieve your goals and aspirations.

What We Do

What We Do

Our Vision

Founded in April 2021, we became the connection between possible gaming initiatives and their implementation, sharing the desire to contribute to blockchain games and technology in the long run. Because your success is our success, we want to be the companion you need at the darkest times.

Our Mission

Our philosophy represents the highest with teams who want to develop industry-changing platforms, and we take pleasure in having a diverse set of tools to help us accomplish our shared aspirations. Never putting profit first, we thrive on our passion for the principles that we share.

Aside from financial contributions, we are committed to assisting blockchain initiatives in reaching widespread adoption by providing broad resources and industry networks.

Corey Wilton
Corey Wilton
Player1 | Co founder of Pegaxy, P2E News and Metacache

Co-founder of Pegaxy, the largest game on the Polygon ecosystem, moving over $200M through its platform in just 5 months. His background includes branding, strategic growth and early stage business development.

Oliver Raymond
Oliver Raymond
Art Director of GlassEgg

10 years in 2D/3D game creations on PC/XBOX ONE/PS4/IOS/Ansroid with 18+ games published (EA Need for Speed, Forza, TITAN fall, CSR 2, Lord of the Dragons…)

Harry Holmwood
Harry Holmwood
CEO & Co-Founder of Magicave

CEO and co-founder of Magicave and The Secret Police mobile gaming studio with strong background in software development and technology consultation.